sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

I'm "The" Animal!!

Não costumo passar muito tempo no facebook, mas ontem fiz um quiz (acho que o primeiro...) e achei piada ao resultado. Confiram:
Bruno took the "Which Muppet are you?" quiz and the result is Animal.
For you, life is all about a rock and roll lifestyle. You are completely unrestrained in everything that you do, living it up in the craziest way possible. Never taking a moment to slow down, you live life hard and you play even harder. You are addicted to the opposite sex, obviously chasing after them. There is no slowing you down, in fact, faster, stronger, harder seems to be your personal anthem. Chaining you down might be the only way to get you to sit still for more than five minutes!

Chaining me down?!? What a violence... you can use just a good iMac or, even better, the new iPad. I promisse i'll be a good boy.
"obviously chasing them"??!? No, no, no, i'm the prey here, ok?

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Andrea Santos disse...

o meu resultado foi outro. vai lá ver. LOL